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History and Activities


We’ve been in Montgomery, Minnesota since 1950 and have served the insurance needs of individuals, families, and businesses in Montgomery.  We even have clients from all over Wisconsin and near the borders of other states.  We have an expansive reach but we’re a local agency first and foremost.  This means that we know and understand the demands of the people we serve and we know markets in and laws of the areas in which these people live. 


We’ve offered a wide variety of personal and commercial packages from myriad programs since our inception, and we’re proud of this.  The variety of coverages we have and the distinctiveness of the packages that we deliver with these coverages help clients find the right solutions and help clients make the most of their insurance investments.  Our personal programs include home, auto, life, and umbrella and our commercial programs include general business, through which we write many different policies, and farm.  Each program is broad and is tailored to the needs of individual clients. 


Our products are the most valuable of our offerings, and we think that this makes sense.  However, our services add value to these products and the value added is great.  We’re available 24/7 and answer any questions our clients have.  In addition, we keep coverage current and manage risk and claims.  This means that we help reduce exposures, minimize costs, advocate for clients, and help achieve suitable claims resolutions.  Overall, these efforts make the insurance experiences of our clients full and meaningful and reflect our ongoing commitment to being the best insurers we can be. 


Community Involvement and Specialized Activities


Being insurers is the best thing that we can do to make the areas we serve better places to live and work.  However, it’s not all we can do.  We donate time and resources to individuals and organizations that improve our service communities socially and economically.  This is how we help the areas we serve beyond providing insurance.  We work with The American Legion, Community Club, The Montgomery Mallards (baseball team), and the Twin Lakes and Montgomery Sportsmen’s Clubs.  We also work with the Minnesota Waterfowl Association


We participate in Montgomery’s Kolacky Days every July, and participation in this festival is a way for us to show our support for our hometown and to enjoy some of what the town has to offer (food, music, and socializing included).  Participating in Kolacky Days and working with the numerous organizations with which we work helps us support local economies and helps us get to know more people.  We learn more in general from our work with local organizations, and what we learn makes us better insurers.


Where we’re headed


Our tradition of being active participants in the communities we serve continues and we make substantial efforts to ensure this.  Among these efforts is delivering a complete insurance experience to our clients, which makes our clients’ lives easier.  This means that we get to know our clients’ needs and goals and we develop insurance plans that meet these needs and goals.  We support our clients throughout the lives of their policies and extend ourselves to our clients in any way that our clients need.  This enables our clients to take advantage of their coverages and to maximize the value of their insurance investments.


If you would like to know more or speak with an agent, please contact us or give us a call.  You can also request a quote if finding out some of the details of a policy is something you’re interested in.


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Accommodating, professional, helpful, and quick. Very comfortable experience and I was impressed by their capabilities. Highly recommended.
Brad M.
I feel lucky to have found an agent willing to provide this level of service. No need to look anywhere else!
Michelle D.
Over the years we’ve never once had to worry about our coverage. My husband and I are long-time customers and proud to be.
Carol S.
Surprisingly flexible and in-touch with my needs as a small business owner. Can’t ask for more.
Spencer F.
They have strong ties with the community, and it shows. It’s nice to do business with people that really show they care about you and your family.
Susan T.